ECE4012 Senior Design

2020 Spring Semester

ECE 4012 A Lecture
MW 1:55-2:45pm
Pre-COVID-19 in CoC 16
Smith & West & Frazier

COVID-19 Changes: Syllabus, Deliverables and Lecture Schedules, Labs Are Unavailable | 2020 Fall ECE4873

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FAQs for students considering your second ECE Senior Design semester...

Register for a ECE4012 lecture section (e.g. ECE4012A) and theECE4012xxx section usually affiliated with your faculty Advisor from ECE4011.

ECE4012 includes proposing & building a project, publicly and orally presenting it, and providing truthful written documentation sufficient to facilitate reproduction or continuation. COVID-19: "Public Presentations" now are vidoes.

How and where you spend your ECE4012xxx time is up to you and your Advisor.

How you spend your ECE4012A lecture time is up to your lecture instructors.

You are continuing a proposed project from ECE4011 or identifying a new project and writing a new Proposal approved by a faculty Advisor.

You will have a much better chance of being heard by instructors if "ECE4012" appears in your email subject line.

Exchange all emails regarding Institute business using your Georgia Tech email account.

All ECE Senior Design groups will be participating in the Capstone Design Exposition held late in the semester. COVID-19: Cancelled for 2020 Spring.